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Van Helsing - Let Me Watch This

Director: Stephen Sommers

Doctor Frankenstein (Samuel West), with the help of his assistant Igor (Kevin J. OíConnor), as well as Count Dracula (Richard Roxburgh), brings to life a monster (Shuler Hensley). Dracula kills Frankenstein after telling him that he only helped him so he can use his monster to give life to his undead children. Frankensteinís monster escapes through a hole burned by the mob and the mob flee as they see Dracula and his three brides. The three brides mourn the loss of the doctor the missed chance of their children to live.

A year after the incident, the Vaticanís Knights of the Holy Order sends Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) to kill Dracula and to protect the last of the Valerious family, the family sworn to kill Dracula nine generations ago, from falling into purgatory because they canít enter heaven until they have killed Dracula. Van Helsing is joined by a friar, Carl (David Wenham), who helps him and provides him weapons.

When they arrive in Transylvania, Van Helsing and Carl meet Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale), the last of the Valerious family. Anna tells them that her brother Velkan (Will Kemp), who was her last living relative, was killed by a werewolf. Draculaís brides attack the village and Van Helsing saves Anna, also killing one of Draculaís brides.

They soon find out what really happened to Velkan as Dracula continues to try and bring his children to life.