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Puncture - Let Me Watch This

Director: Adam and Mark Kassen

A movie based on a true story about a young Houston lawyer who is also a drug addict, Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) and his longtime friend and partner Paul Danziger (Mark Kassen). They decide to take on a case involving a local nurse. Vicky (Vinessa Shaw), who gets pricked by a needle during an emergency procedure. The patient she injected had HIV and now Vicky has it too.

Vicky has a friend, who upon hearing what happened to Vicky invented a safety needle which retracts after use so it will not puncture anyone else. It seemed a brilliant idea until they asked why Vickyís friend hasnít sold it to any of the hospitals yet. Mike tries to help by taking the products to hospitals and conventions himself.

They soon run into a big manufacturing corporation where all the hospitals get their supplies. Now they are up against a huge firm with lots of lawyers bombarding them with things from their past which they are to use against Mike and his client just so they can win the case.

They find out more than what they were expecting and things donít end well for Mike.