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Legion - Let Me Watch This

Director: Scott Stewart

God, seeing the evil people do to each other, decides it is time to clear the earth once more like he did with the great flood, but Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany), who believes that there are still people who are good, disobeys God. He falls to earth and crashes in Los Angeles where he got into a bathroom to cut off his wings and sew up his wounds.

He goes to a diner where Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), a pregnant waitress works. Jeep (Lucas Black) is the diner owner Bob Hansonís (Dennis Quaid) son, he is also the mechanic. A family stops by the diner because their car has malfunctioned. Kyle (Tyrese Gibson) stops at the diner. Just then an old lady comes inside and causes chaos in the diner as she turns out to be possessed.

When Michael arrives, he is met by Bob and Jeep outside and inspects him to check if he is anything like the old lady. Strangers who just stopped by the diner for their own reasons now have to team up as chaos and apocalypse come down upon them. They soon find out that the baby Charlie is carrying is the target and that the baby must not be born.

But with Michael on their side, they all help each other to save Charlie and to show that there is still goodness in manís heart.